Cool Multiplication Trick Part 1

We have learned quite a number of multiplication tricks now and in this post, I am going to teach you another multiplication trick which you can use to calculate faster and share with your friends. This multiplication trick is quite similar to squaring a number ending in 5. The conditions to perform this trick are […]

Why the Addition of Dissimilar Fractions Trick Works

In the pervious post, we have learned a math trick on addition of two dissimilar fraction. This is done by “cross multiplying” the numerators and denominators of the fractions as shown below (read the previous post for more details). In this post, we discuss why this trick works. Remember: It’s cool to know the math trick, but it’s […]

Mental Math: Adding Numbers Near Multiples of 10

People who are very good at mental math calculations are not all gifted. Some of them just know simple strategies in order to calculate numbers easily and fast. In this post, I am going to teach you a math trick on adding numbers that will simplify and speed up calculations. With enough practice, you can even use […]

Percentage Math Trick 3: Making Use of Fractions

In the previous two posts, we have learned two types of calculations about percentage: ignoring the percent sign and making use of 10%. In this post, we learn another math shortcut that is very useful in speed calculations about percentage. One of the easiest ways to calculate for a percentage of a number is to convert […]