Why The Sum Prediction Math Trick Works

In the previous post, we have learned the sum prediction math trick, a cool math trick that let’s you predict the sum of five numbers. In this post, we are going to learn why this math trick works. Needless to say, you need to read the previous post in order to understand the explanation below. […]

Amaze Your Friends with The Sum Prediction Math Trick

If you want to impress your friends by reading their mind in advance, I bet that you want to learn this trick. This allows you to predict the sum in advance of the 5 numbers that you and your friend will write on a piece of paper. Note that the time your friend wrote the […]

Mathematical Magic at America’s Got Talent

Last year, there was one episode of mathematical magic at America’s Got Talent. It was supposed to involve one imaginary friend who creates a zodiac calendar based on an audience choice of number. Since it’s hard to explain, just watch and see. Honestly, I have no idea how he did it.  You can share what you […]

Multiplying Large Numbers by 11

The last post about multiplying by 11 only works for two-digit numbers. There’s also a simple trick for multiplying by 11 for larger numbers, and it’s very easy! Let’s have an example of 236 × 11. First, we write the problem like this: 0236 × 11 We write a zero in front of the number […]